Month: October 2020

Ep. 131 -The Mandalorian – S01E05-06 – Chapter 5: The Gunslinger & Chapter 6: The Prisoner

This week the guys cover the two weakest episodes in the season as Jason pushes all of James’ buttons to get him on multiple rants about Star Wars fandom, Rob shows yet again that he doesn’t read articles or watch episodes, and James and Rob make really …

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Ep. 130 – The Mandalorian – S01E03-04 – Chapter 3: The Sin & Chapter 4: Sanctuary

This week the guys continue their hike down the dusty trail as James reveals he has re-written the script a bit, Rob admits to his own fan-fiction, and they prepare for not one, but two more restraining orders as they review episodes three and four of se…

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Ep. 129 – The Mandalorian – S01E01-02 – Chapter 1: The Mandalorian & Chapter 2: The Child

This week the guys start their coverage of the first season of Disney Plus’s iconic space western starring the bounty hunter who’s a way better character than Boba Fett dreamed he could be as they discuss their current favorite pastime, James invites not…

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