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Ep. 220 – The Thing (1982)

This week Jason and Rob eye the other looking for signs they aren't what they appear to be as they discuss...

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Ep. 219 – Minority Report (2002)

This week the guys get back to the business of not reviewing crappy TV series as they prevent pre-crimes while reviewing...

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Ep. 218 – Heroes (Season 4 Eps 13 – 18)

In this, the final episode of Hot Heroes Summer, Jason and Rob give thanks that they don't have to review anymore...

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Ep. 217 – Heroes (Season 4 Eps 7 – 12)

Rob and Jason see the light at the end of the tunnel. They aren't sure if it's the end of Hot...

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Ep. 216 – Heroes (Season 4 Eps 1 – 6)

This week the guys head to the carnival for a new (and, thankfully, final) season of Heroes, it's Season 3 episodes...

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Ep. 215 – Heroes (Season 3 Eps 20 -25)

Rob and Jason finish off another season of Heroes as they approach the finish line of Hot Heroes Summer. We are...

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