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Ep. 141 – Blade Runner (1982)

This week the guys are back and ringing in the new year as Jason takes back control after James' and Rob's...

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SaDiS Bonus Episode 4: Star Trek Discovery

Shhhhh! Jason doesn't know we know how to get in here. We secretly recorded a Star Trek Discovery episode while he...

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Ep. 140 – The Mandalorian – S02E08 – Chapter 16: The Rescue

This week the guys wrap up the final episode of season two and 2020 as they discuss (read: rant) Star Wars...

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Ep. 139 – The Mandalorian – S02E07 – Chapter 15: The Believer

This week the guys deal with some technical issues and Rob tries to mutiny, James apparently has a box where he...

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Ep. 138 – The Mandalorain – S02E06 – Chapter 14: The Tragedy

This week Rob apologizes to Mrs. Anderson and drags everyone back to the last episode to clarify something nobody gave two...

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Ep. 137 – The Mandalorian – S02E05 – Chapter 13: The Jedi

This week the guys talk about the proper pronunciation of Caribbean, James defends Filoni's directorial choices in a shocking twist, and...

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