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Ep. 211 – Heroes (Season 2 Eps 7 – 11)

It's a disappointing end to a lackluster season complete with inconsistent power sets and unnecessary characters. Rob and Jason finish off...

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Ep. 212 – Heroes (Season 3 Eps 1 – 6)

This week Jason and Rob delve into their third season of self-inflicted misery as they experience both power and plot deja...

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Ep. 210 – Heroes (Season 2 Eps 1 – 6)

This week Jason and Rob start the, thankfully short, second season of Heroes with episodes one through six.

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Ep. 209 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 19 – 23)

Rob and Jason finish off season 1 in their continuing Hot Heroes Summer coverage. They get in the weeds a bit...

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Ep. 208 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 13 – 18)

This week Hot Heroes Summer continues as the guys discuss Heroes season one episodes thirteen through eighteen.

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Ep. 207 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 7 – 12)

It's Hot Heroes Summer and questions are starting to get answered, but we still don't fully understand all the powers. Rob...

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