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Ep. 154 – Spaceballs (1987)

This week the guys cross schwartzes as James reveals his true crush, Rob is still in the dog house for his...

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Ep. 153 – Species (1995)

This week Jason and James wish they had appointments for a root canal as Rob forces an all time horrible movie...

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Ep. 152 – Ghostbusters (1984)

This week the guys discuss the realities of Manhattan real estate, explore Rob's choice in hall passes and ask what about...

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Ep. 151 – Ready Player One (2018)

This week the guys turn the nostalgia knob to eleven as they review the computer generated spectacle made of pure, distilled...

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Ep. 150 – Reign of Fire (2002)

This week James questions the sci-fi street cred of another movie, Rob and Jason take over the story-time for an episode...

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Ep. 149 – Mars Attacks (1996)

This week the guys don their loin cloths and cowboy hats, strap on their laser blasters and James offers to be...

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