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Ep. 136 – The Mandalorian – S02E04 – Chapter 12: The Siege

This week the guys debate which is the better space cookie, Jason announces the return of midi-chlorians and James fears the...

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Ep. 135 – The Mandalorian – S02E03 – Chapter 11: The Heiress

This week the guys almost enjoy themselves as they talk about fandom, James hints at a new romance, and Fudge Round...

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Ep. 134 – The Mandalorian – S02E02 – Chapter 10: The Passenger

This week the guys fill the time with questionable self-pleasure technique theories, James fills his quota of apologies for the year,...

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Ep. 133 – The Mandalorian – S02E01 – Chapter 9: The Marshal

This week the guys start season two of the Mandalorian as they discuss a few sensitive topics, James brainstorms a new...

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Ep. 132 – The Mandalorian – S01E07-08 – Chapter 7: The Reckoning & Chapter 8: Redemption

This week the guys finish up the first season of The Mandalorian as they discuss the broader Star Wars fandom, James...

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