Month: January 2021

Ep. 143 – The Abyss (1989)

This week the guys strap on their goggles and head not to the bus station, but to the depths of the ocean as they ponder whether the creatures in this week’s film were actual aliens or something homegrown, James questions his will to live and Rob does wh…

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Ep. 142 -Wall-E (2008)

This week the guys are all over the place as James goes on a couple of epic rants about a kids’ film that he sees as dangerous to the very fabric of society as they discuss Pixar’s 2008 animated sci-fi romance, Wall-E.
Tom Kane Stroke – https://amp.nine….

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Ep. 141 – Blade Runner (1982)

This week the guys are back and ringing in the new year as Jason takes back control after James’ and Rob’s unsuccessful mutiny attempt and discuss the neo-noir sci-fi classic, it’s 1982’s Blade Runner.
Blue UFO –…

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