Month: June 2023

Ep. 209 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 19 – 23)

Rob and Jason finish off season 1 in their continuing Hot Heroes Summer coverage. They get in the weeds a bit trying to figure out how time travel works in this show. It ends up being a lost cause as the discuss Heroes Season 1 Episodes 19-23.

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Ep. 207 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 7 – 12)

It’s Hot Heroes Summer and questions are starting to get answered, but we still don’t fully understand all the powers. Rob and Jason are starting to question their summertime decision.  It’s Heroes, Season 1 Episodes 7 – 12.

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Ep. 206 – Heroes (Season 1 Eps 1 – 6)

This week the guys start Hot Heroes Summer with their initial dive into what could have been a major superhero media franchise before the MCU as they discuss season one episodes one through six of NBC’s 2005 TV series, Heroes.
Just a note – for the r…

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