Month: January 2022

Ep. 178 – The Expanse (Season 1)

This week Jason and Rob drag SP back to the show kicking and screaming as they talk about how Amazon thinks sound belongs in space, SP schools us on some science stuff, and Rob chews in everyone’s ear as they discuss season one of The Expanse. Large Hydrogen Ribbon – Alien House Identified –…

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Ep. – 177 The Time Traveler’s Wife (2009)

This week SP joins Jason and Rob as they try their best not to discuss Rob’s “excitement” over a time travel movie while they review 2009’s The Time Traveler’s Wife. James Webb Telescope News: Visit Creative Brain Candy for more great shows and other creative works at Join the SaDiS Discord server…

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Ep. 176 – The Matrix Resurrections (2021)

This week Jason and Rob finish their review of the Matrix series with the nostalgia bomb that retells the first movie’s story in a somewhat different way as they discuss why this movie was brought into existence and what could have made it better, it’s 2021’s The Matrix Resurrections. Space Telescope – Alien Garage…

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