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Born to circus freaks, Jason was cast out of their nomadic home and raised by rabid ferrets. At the age of fifteen, he had a falling out with his older ferret sister over the proper preparation of jambalaya. Jason left his ferret family to search for fame and fortune and met an old hobo with one ear and the voice of Morgan Freeman. It was this wise train bum who taught him the ways of the mix-tape, and allowed Jason to make his first mark on the world as Mix-Master Mippy.

Now, Jason is the creator and host of Smoking and Drinking in Space! It’s here that he watches a bunch of sci-fi tv series and movies and then spews words at a microphone that occasionally form a coherent sentence that describes what he thinks about the stuff he’s watched.



Rob is a born and raised Texan. His love of movies started when he worked at Blockbuster many moons ago. Legend has it the decline and fall of Blockbuster began around that time. Rob and Jason met through their mutual love of playing army guy online in a gaming group and became fast friends. They even used to get froyo together every Thursday night! When he isn’t working at his job as an IT Manager, he enjoys camping,  woodworking and shooting things with lasers. Despite the adamant push back from both Jason and James, Rob is SaDiS.



James has been a podcaster for over ten years. James has created, hosted, produced, and edited several podcasts during that time period. James is the founder of Bad Gamers Anonymous. Currently James is the creator and host of Simply Stogies Podcast; he is also the creator, editor, admin, and staff writer at simplystogies.com.

About Our Podcast

Smoking and Drinking in Space! is a sci-fi podcast from a couple of guys who think they know sci-fi.

Every week, Jason, James and Rob review at sci-fi tv show or movie and give you their honest, meandering, poorly thought out and sometimes drunken opinion. 

Also, Rob is a doorknob.

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