Ep. 97 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E04 – Absolute Candor

This week Jason and James get an update on Rob’s throat chlamydia, James needs a coffee fix but is afraid of the corn outside his house, and they all talk about the latest episode of Star Trek: Picard, Absolute Candor as well as discuss their current theories of where the series is heading. 

Kirk Fu – https://screenrant.com/captain-kirk-karate-chop-star-trek-kirk-fu-manual/

Birds of Prey – https://comicbook.com/dc/2020/02/10/birds-of-prey-title-change-harley-quinn/

Rick Moranis – https://nerdist.com/article/rick-moranis-new-honey-i-shrunk-the-kids-movie/

Britain’s UFO – https://www.syfy.com/syfywire/uk-ministry-of-defense-releasing-classified-ufo-files

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