Ep. 100 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E07 – Nepenthe

This week, Jason, James and Rob take a trip to Planet Garden of Eden to attend the Star Trek TNG reunion we've all...

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Ep. 99 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E06 – Impossible Box

This week the gang checks in to see how Rob's coronamydia is doing, they make a special announcement about the future of the...

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Ep. 98 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E05 – Stardust City Rag

This week James shows off his frosted tips as he spouts a bunch of argle-bargle about flavors or something, Rob is infested with...

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Ep. 97 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E04 – Absolute Candor

This week Jason and James get an update on Rob's throat chlamydia, James needs a coffee fix but is afraid of the corn...

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Ep. 96 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E03 – The End is the Beginning

This week James and Jason explain what a reboot is to Rob, Rob has what sounds like throat chlamydia and they continue their...

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Ep. 95 – Star Trek: Picard – S01E02 – Maps and Legends

This week the guys go that extra mile and talk about the second episode of Star Trek: Picard for twice as long as...

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